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Explore United States with ESTA visa (For Austrian Citizens)

ESTA (Electronic system for travel authorization) is a system that helps in the determination of the eligibility of foreign visitors when they want to travel to USA. This system is in a partnership with the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). As said, ESTA only provides assistance to determine who is eligible to travel to USA, but does not means that this system makes the final decision. All the travelers, who want to enter the USA, must pass this online system and have to acquire and authorization.

Through the years, in the Visa Waiver Program joined many countries from all over the world. So now this program counts thirty-eight participants. Austria is one of these countries. ESTA provides Austrian citizens with this authorization, whether they travel to USA for pleasure or business. Once you have passed this system, you don’t need a visa to go to the United States of America. The ESTA visa, gives you the opportunity to stay and enjoy USA for up to 90 days. It is very important to know that the Electronic system for travel authorization is fully supported by the US Custom Border Protection.

The best thing, among others, that ESTA offers is that you can apply to get the authorization online. Very fast and very easy. There are only three steps that you should do. Just apply online for the ESTA visa, than make the payment and wait for your visa to be ready. The system verifies your personal biographical information and runs it through the system. Anyone who applies just needs to know that they should apply at least 72 hours before they departure to the USA. After finalizing these steps of the online application, you just have to wait. The fastness of this system is amazing, so it won’t be long until you have the ESTA visa authorization in your hands.

ESTA visa will certainly help you get the authorization immediately, without any delays. Of course, only if you fulfill the criteria that is required. So, if you are an Australian citizen and you plan to visit the USA, the ESTA visa is the best and the fastest choice for you. Even if you haven’t planned to visit the USA, do it today. This system will help you. Just apply online and let ESTA do the job for you. Enjoy your trip to the US, with ESTA visa – the fastest way to enjoy the US.

Canada ETA Travel Advice

For starters, the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) comes after the government of Canada came up with new rules requiring visa-exempt foreign nationals visiting the country and those passing through it to have it. Thereafter, eTA Canada application, an easy procedure done online for purposes of admitting foreigners into Canada, was introduced. From March this year, foreign persons visiting Canada for either business, tourism or transiting have to apply for an eTA Canada application. Items that are required for the completion of an eTA Canada application include a valid passport that comes in handy when the officials want to identify you and your nationality, a credit card with cash in it used to pay the stipulated fee as well as a valid email address. The address is useful in notifying applicants on the status of their eTA Canada applications. The application form contains gaps where applicants have to fill in their personal details including their full names, dates of birth, home addresses and gender just to mention a few others. Since the online form cannot be saved elsewhere, it is advisable to always have your information ready.

After filling the online form, applicants are expected to pay an affordable fee of $7 CAD. The best part about the whole process is that you will not remain in the darkness after you have submitted the form. Unlike other applications, eTA Canada application only takes a short period to process which in most cases is usually 3 days. Other eTA Canada applications even take minutes to be confirmed depending on the information provided. There are situations when an applicant is expected to submit certain documents such as a birth certificate or a medical document but this should not alarm anyone because it is part of the procedure used to ascertain that the information you have given is accurate. In most cases, eTA Canada applicants get email notifications containing the specific documents that need to be availed if not instructions on how to undertake the process before their application forms are accepted. Another point worth mentioning is that Canadian citizens, including dual Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents are not allowed to apply for an eTA Canada application.

You do not have to fry your brain on whether you are a legal resident or not since the eTA Canada application is usable for up to five years, or until your application passport expires. Another advantage of eTA Canada application is that it permits you to stay in Canada up to 6 months when you visit the country, which is long enough for one to grasp the culture and language of the locals. ETA Canada application comes in various languages thus giving people worldwide view and understanding of the application.

To sum up, it is important for applicants to recheck their application forms before submitting them to the relevant authorities for processing. If you provide incomplete or inaccurate information, your application will be delayed if not denied. To avoid any surprises, travelers should apply for the eTA Canada authorization prior to booking a flight to Canada. This will save you from a lot of time and embarrassments.