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Could Grace Help Your Business?

colleagues-having-business-meeting-in-coffee-barGrace runs an online business to help female entrepreneurs; an entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business or multiple businesses, taking on financial risks hoping to make a profit. Grace is a marketing specialist and educator who works with female entrepreneurs to help them create a balanced business and make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the process. Whilst working with her you will do things such as learn how to hook your ideal client and become the authority in your industry, you will also learn how to generate consistent leads on Facebook which aren’t costly and how to create fantastic videos; plus so much more. She provides a range of large doing days, a doing academy, a do’ers inner circle and a doing summit. Hundreds of women have already received help from grace and are delighted with the help she has given them, quite a lot of them say that they never realised how easy it really is and that they are glad they went to Grace. One person said that they loved the doing day and received some great tips and insight. Then another said that it as brilliant and it made them realised how much work and time they need to be putting into their business to be getting what they want out of it. This shows that these days are actually really useful especially for those who are just starting up their business, although you don’t have to have just started your business to receive help and advice of Grace and her team of dedicated workers. In the last financial year she managed to help her clients generate over $20 million in revenue.

She offers a range of free resources, such as a training series, a 5 step evac plan and social media strategy guide. She offers doing days which are better than your typical workshops which may not provide you with the help you need. Then there’s the doing academy, once you join this you will gain immediate access to the private Facebook group, where you can talk to other female entrepreneurs looking for advice. The academy is built on a contract free basis, so you can leave whenever you want if you decide that this isn’t for you. You have the option of having the whole academy unlocked for you, this means you receive twelve months access to the academy, Facebook group and live seminars. However, you can go for the option of having a new module released to you each month so that you can work through new strategies for your business.